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My Approach

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My Approach
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Areas of Expertise

Software Engineer

A dynamic Software Engineer who aims to bridge the gap between functionality and creativity by approaching problems from an entrepreneurial perspective. I am an Experienced  Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Debugging Code, Analytical Skills, Computer Science and Software Development.

UI UX Specialist

I specialise in qualitative research methodologies as a User Experience Researcher and Designer. I have a background in Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, as well as extensive research expertise with software and digital applications. I am fascinated by the motivations that drive people's behaviour and how circumstance impacts them. I want to learn how I can make their experiences more meaningful by getting to the heart of their needs. I want to foster empathy and influence strategic decisions that contribute to the creation of outstanding goods and meaningful experiences.

Health Informatics

A Health informatics specialist with a keen eye for details. I focus on improving data and healthcare services, besides gathering and evaluating healthcare data and developing effective healthcare information systems.

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